What is GHS?

WHMIS 2015 is an updated version of WHIMS that includes new GHS regulations. So if you've been hearing about GHS training in Canada, it's called WHMIS 2015. The addition of new GHS regulations provide more thorough classification and communication to keep workers safe at work.

What does GHS stand for?

GHS stands for globally harmonized system. GHS is a set of added regulations that reflect the regulations of Canada's international trading partners. Common regulations result in a harmonized system which creates efficiency and can provide cost benefits.

In Canada, GHS is called WHMIS 2015. WHMIS 2015 is a combination of Canada's old WHMIS regulations from 1988 and the new GHS regulations which were adopted in 2015. These new regulations are currently 'in force' meaning that employees and employers can now train and be certified with new GHS regulations.

The two major components of GHS are the classification of hazardous materials and the communication of these hazards. Classification includes how to classify a pure and a mixed chemical the same way any other GHS user would. Communication of hazards are improved through GHs by adding chemical identity, symbols, and hazard statements to labels. GHS also adds safety data sheets (SDS) which contains 16 section where specific hazards and safety information is provided.

What's different?

GHS stands for globally harmonized system meaning the new regulations match up with regulations in other countries and provide a similar classification system. GHS is important because by harmonizing the regulations between Canada and other countries we create an efficiency between transporting chemicals and hazardous materials. GHS can also reduce costs and create consistent regulations, classification and general hazard information.

GHS introduces new classes of hazards, more advanced classification criteria, and a consistent criteria to those of the TDG regulations (Transport of Dangerous Goods).

What do I need to do?

Keeping updated with new WHMIS is essential for your safety, your staff's safety and to be in compliance with the law. If you don't know the new regulations and are working in a workplace that requires WHMIS training, new training is required. If you do know the new regulations but have not been certified, getting tested and certified is good proof of knowledge. Decide if you need an Employer Account to train your employees and store their training records. Or a Personal Account when you only need training for yourself.