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Safety Compliance Management Systems

Imagine you are a compliance inspector. Take the example of a health and safety inspector. Employers are required to have a policy to prevent harassment in the workplace. As an inspector, are you going to need some evidence that a policy is in place and that ALL employees are aware of the policy and are in fact following the policy? Absolutely!

Harassment prevention policy is just one of many examples of policies you may have to provide proof of compliance for. The burden of proof is increasing for many of the policies and procedure training, continuing education training, CE credits, processional certification management points and other forms of accreditation.

The role of the "Compliance Manager" that was once associated with only very large organizations is now a requirement in organizations of all size. The title may be different, and the amount of time and people dedicated to policy and compliance management varies. But what stays constant is the need for people and tools to give them that end result, Policy Compliance Proof.

What is our role in Compliance Management?

You know the value of good tools. They make good people's lives easier and their time more productive which makes the business more successful.

We provide tools to give controlled access to your policy materials, training materials and where necessary testing for understanding, certification, continuing education and certificate maintenance.

There are three reasons people choose us:

  1. It fits with what they have
  2. They don't have to spend a lot on technology
  3. It's an instant solution

Let's face it, everyone does things a little differently. You may have your policy materials in a Word Doc. Someone else may have them in a PDF and a third person has them in a PowerPoint with videos. We get that and have a system that fits what you have so you don't have to change to fit us.

To create a system to store your policies, give employees access, monitor their progress, use quizzes and tests for understanding and do this for all your people, all your policies, year after year would be a huge investment. And then you have to run it and maintain it. We look after all the technology in a reliable online delivery system which you license access to rather than having to build or own.

When you need have compliance issues you need a solution now. Every time you hire an employee there are policies to review. Every time someone's certification expires or their accreditation is up for renewal you need to know and be able to deliver. Ask about our "Free Sample Offer" where we set up a policy in one day, as our own proof of delivery to back up our promise of an instant solution.

When you have a good process, what does Proof of Compliance look like?

What you see when someone has a good compliance system is the ability to start the process instantly. For example, you hire a new person and you want them to review and agree to your Code of Conduct and Confidentiality policy, before they start on the first day. A couple of keystrokes to type their name and a couple of clicks and they have a login to review and sign off on that policy.

Once you have people who are "in progress" you need some way to monitor how they are doing. In an ideal situation you can see a snapshot of each policy and know how close you are to your goal of 100% compliance. And if you need to drill down the details on each person’s progress is at your fingertips. Maybe you have 10% who have not even started the policy review. Within a few clicks each of them can get a reminder from the system with some words of praise of consequences of inaction. Your job of monitoring and managing becomes much more effective.

And what about the situation we started out with, where someone, a compliance inspector wants to see your proof of delivery for one person or all of your people. When you can scroll down a list of your people and see a check mark beside all of them, and see a certificate of acceptance signed by each one they are going to be impressed with your ability to show "proof of compliance"!

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