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WHMIS Compliance - Who Needs WHMIS Training in Canada?

Health and Safety regulations in Canada require employers to ensure employees are knowledgeable on WHMIS whenever there are hazardous products in the workplace. As with most laws there can be some parts of it that are open to interpretation. Whenever there is a question as to who needs training in your organization there is a provincial or territorial WHMIS authority who can answer that question.

WHMIS is intended to protect workers from chemical hazards in the workplace. There are very few workplaces where there are zero chemicals which means that most employers have a responsibility to ensure their workers understand what WHMIS is, how the classification of products and hazard classes work, the labelling system and how to read the information which suppliers are required to make available as a Safety Data Sheet (under WHMIS 2015 regulations) or Material Safety Data sheet (under WHMIS 1988 regulations).

We can't tell you that you need WHMIS - AND - we can't tell you that you don't need WHMIS training for your employees. One of the responsibilities of an employer is to identify the hazards in their workplace and where hazards exist use education and training to ensure worker safety.

Who can tell me if I need WHMIS training?

In Canada, the implementation and enforcement of WHMIS is managed at the Provincial or Territorial level and each one has an authority on WHMIS which you can contact to discuss your situation. They will be able to guide you as to what hazards you have and what you need to do about it. When you have a workplace inspection it will be a representative from one of the WHMIS authorities that will visit your workplace and work with you to ensure your training program is adequate.

The Provincial and Territorial WHMIS authorities ensure WHMIS compliance at the workplace level. Some businesses such as health care facilities, schools and private businesses have an added level of compliance in order to meet certification or accreditations that are specific to their workplace or industry.

When you need to manage WHMIS compliance with a number of employees, the Employer Admin account in makes your job easy to manage.

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