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WHMIS Training Online

WHMIS training online has become the leading way to complete required WHMIS training as businesses and organizations across Canada look for ways to provide the convenience of on demand training without the need for additional training staff or having to send employees to off-site training.

When looking at WHMIS training options, the first question most people have is, “will this training be effective?” It does not matter whether the training is done in a classroom or over the Internet. It has to be effective. People have to learn about the hazards of controlled products, and how to read WHMIS labeling.

3 keys to effective WHMIS training online

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Concerns about WHMIS training online?

Completing WHMIS training online does have some downsides. Some people prefer the social aspect of interacting with other trainees. While this may be their preference it can create a challenge for the training facilitator to balance the needs from the people who want the social interaction with the needs of the people who are more task-oriented and just want to learn the materials the most direct way possible and in the least amount of time.

You can register online for the WHMIS training course as an individual. Once you enter your name and information for the Certificate of Completion, and payment information an email is sent to you with your login credentials and username and access code. You are able to view the materials online, listen to the narrator, and when ready compete the testing. All in about an hour from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Once you finish the testing a Certificate of Completion is emailed to you as a PDF.

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WHMIS training options for Employers

Businesses or organizations that need to train their employees or volunteers can have each person complete their WHMIS training online and the added benefit is the ability to store all of the training and testing records electronically which makes it very easy to monitor each person’s progress and to view previous training and testing records if required. When you are interested in looking at using online training for your WHMIS training, you can click on the following link:

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